Kim, the love baby

February 16, 2010

This year, February 14 meant a lot of different things for different people. Some relished in romance, chocolate and flowers, while some relished in their singleness and ate black noodles with a few other very single friends. To the East Asian communities around the world, February 14 was also a celebration for the New Year.  To North Korea, the variety of celebrations to be held on February 14 were out-shadowed by a single, particular event: Their beloved leader, Kim Jong-Il’s birthday.

On this internationally recognized “day of love”, North Korea celebrated the 68th birthday for their “beloved” leader. The irony of this cracks me up. Imagine your boyfriend bringing home cake and flowers “hey honey, happy kimjongil day” and places a pink cake in front of you in the shape of kim jong-il’s pink face.

North Korea is almost non-existent in the viral world today, but their main websites definitely did not miss this event. Checkout North Korea’s official DPRK news website

There’s an article that talks about celebrations held in “various different countries”. Apparently name-dropping is a big deal. Specialists from countries like Ethiopia, Mongolia, Iran, Democratic Congo etc…  claimed that “Kim Jong Il is a prominent thinker and theoretician recognized by the international community”.  I mean, I”ll be honest, I was surprised and thought to myself ‘really, North Korea has friends?” We all hear about big-name China, helping them out sometimes, but who knew the little countries like Ethiopia had relations with North Korea?

Clearly, there’s so much to be learned about this mysterious country. For now, thank God you were able to celebrate Valentines and Chinese New Year with family and friends and not forced to celebrate 68 years of tyranny.


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