February 12, 2010

South Korean officially claims sovereignty over the entire Korean peninsula, and by default regards North Korean refugees as South Korean citizens.  I’m pretty sure this means that South Korea regards the common North Korean people as South Korean citizens as well.  So…  If you take what I just said above and the article below and put them together, that means that South Koreans are fully aware and indifferent to over 200,000 of their OWN citizens languishing in concentration camps 30 miles north of their capital city.

uhhhh… WHAT!?!

Oh, come on.  We’ve gone berserker in the past for people messing with our citizens.  I’m pretty sure South Korea will do the same… wait what?

MHMMMM. read the article. it’s actually pretty ridiculous.


For the haters out there eager for a chance to scream, shout, and insult someone:  No, I am not bashing on South Korea or its people.  It is unfortunate that the South Korean people are so indifferent to an issue so important to them and the world, and I wish they would get their mind out of their bubbles.  What I AM trying to say is that we just found ourselves another group of people to Promote Awareness to.  I never thought we would be promoting awareness about the North Korean atrocities to the South Koreans, but now we know.

“OH NO! So much more work!” Yeah, Yeah. Suck it up, and just do it.  If you want to know why, read the previous post.


Article attached below for your convenience.


S.Koreans ‘Indifferent to N.Korean Gulag’

South Koreans are largely indifferent to human rights abuses in the North such as labor camps, the military newspaper Stars and Stripes reported Tuesday.

In an article titled, “Facing Apathy and Gulags: Ex-North Korean Inmates Struggle to Raise Concern in South,” the U.S. daily cites a former prisoner and erstwhile soldier, Jung Kyoung-il, who said he was stunned by questions from a group of young South Korean soldiers when he spoke to them about the North Korean gulag.

One soldier asked, “How many days of leave are North Korean soldiers given?” Another asked, “Are North Korean soldiers allowed to visit their girlfriends?” But none seemed interested in the brutal reality of the camps.

The daily pointed out that Seoul in a rare report recently acknowledged that hundreds of thousands of North Koreans are languishing in the camps but has made no public effort to pressure the Kim Jong-il regime. It said many South Koreans hold “deeply conflicted” feelings toward the North and are uncomfortable admitting that the camps exist.

Jung said many students sleep through his lectures, an indifference that still shocks him five years after he defected following three years in the notorious Yoduk camp, where he was subjected to back-breaking labor, a sparse diet and long nights of forced study of nation founder Kim Il-sung’s philosophies, the paper said.

About 200,000 North Koreans are presumed to be languishing in six concentration camps, and of 18,000 defectors in the South, 32 are former inmates, according to the article, often for trivial offenses.


short post. it’s 4am right now on my clock. i’m tired.


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